About Us

Fix Our Senate is a coalition of more than 80 organizations who are joined together to ensure that the promises of progress are not blocked by the filibuster.

Fix Our Senate represents millions of Americans focused on issues including voting rights, the climate crisis, gun violence prevention, health care, immigration, labor, LGBTQ+ rights, and reproductive justice.

Our campaign and coalition is fighting to fix the broken Senate so that the newly-elected government can get to work cleaning up President Trump’s messes and tackle the major challenges facing families, communities, and the country. Our highest priority is the elimination of the legislative filibuster, an outdated Senate rule that has been weaponized and abused by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to block overwhelmingly popular legislation supported by a majority of elected senators.

Fix Our Senate coordinates work with allied organizations and advocates, serves as a resource for research and messaging guidance, communicates to key audiences directly and through the media, and uses any and all tools at our disposal to educate and persuade senators, candidates, and the public about the need for reform.

Our Partners

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