Press release

Fix Our Senate Coalition to Senate Democrats: Protect Our Economy, Not the Filibuster

Fix Our Senate

NYT: “[McConnell] appears to want to sow political chaos for Democrats...”

Washington, DC — Today, the Fix Our Senate coalition, representing 86 organizations with tens of millions of members across the country, released the following statement from spokesman Eli Zupnick on the looming debt limit vote.

“Senate Democrats are hurtling toward a very easy choice: allow Sen. McConnell to crash the economy or finally tackle the outdated and abused Senate filibuster that gives him the power to do so.

“Sen. Schumer has made it clear that Senate Democrats won’t be bullied into jamming a debt limit extension into reconciliation, so if Sen. McConnell doesn’t blink in the coming days, then Senate Democrats will have no choice but to address the filibuster to stave off economic calamity.

“Sen. McConnell is once again making a better case than we ever could for Senate Democrats to finally eliminate the filibuster as a weapon he can keep using to derail President Biden’s agenda from the minority.”