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Fix Our Senate Launches Nationwide Ad Campaign as Momentum Grows to Eliminate the Filibuster

Fix Our Senate

YESTERDAY: “43 New Groups Join Anti-Filibuster Coalition As Reform Push Accelerates”

NEW AD: “Throughout history it has been a tool to block civil rights, now it’s become a partisan weapon to block any progress at all.” 

Washington, DC — Today, Fix Our Senate announced a new six figure, nationwide ad buy that will feature a 30 second video ad, as well as graphics that will run on national and local news homepages. The video ad makes the case that the filibuster, a long favored procedural tool of segregationists, has prevented voting rights and civil rights from passing the U.S. Senate. 

"Momentum to eliminate the filibuster is growing each day and we’re going to keep working to make sure people across the country understand why the filibuster needs to be eliminated to make progress on the issues they care about most,” said Eli Zupnick, spokesman for Fix Our Senate. “We want to make sure voters understand that the filibuster, an abused and outdated ‘Jim Crow relic,’ is a big part of what is broken about our government and we are encouraging them to make their voices heard and call on their senators to choose progress, not more gridlock.” 

You can watch our ad, titled “One Thing,” here

The ad campaign comes on the heels of Fix Our Senate welcoming dozens of new members to our coalition. As detailed in HuffPost, “the 43 new progressive groups more than triple the size of the Fix Our Senate coalition” and “many of the groups’ signature legislative priorities face certain defeat at the hands of the filibuster.” The new groups cover issue areas including climate, gun violence prevention, LGBTQ+ equality, and more, joining together to call for an end to the filibuster, a “Jim Crow relic” that has been used to block popular legislation for over 200 years.

One Thing” script:

What’s stopping our government from working? It’s simple, it’s called the filibuster. 

A minority can stop any bill from ever even getting a vote.

Throughout history it has been a tool to block civil rights, and now it’s become a partisan weapon to block any progress at all.

If we want to raise the minimum wage, protect voting rights, prevent gun violence, and so much more – there is one thing standing in the way.

Tell you senator that people want progress, not more gridlock.