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Fix Our Senate Launches New Seven Figure Ad Campaign Calling on Democrats to Secure Our Democracy, Not Defend the Filibuster

Fix Our Senate

Watch New “Tested” Ad HERE

WASHINGTON, DC — Ahead of the upcoming Senate vote on the For the People Act, Fix Our Senate announced a new seven figure ad campaign highlighting what’s at stake for our democracy and calling on Senate Democrats to “secure our democracy in this century … not defend the abused filibuster of the past.”

The ad campaign features TV, cable, and digital components and is set to run in states featuring influential Democratic senators within their caucus, starting today in Delaware and Rhode Island. The ad campaign will continue to expand in coming weeks.

The full ad, titled “Tested,” is viewable here with the ad script available below.

Eli Zupnick, spokesperson for Fix Our Senate, said:

"Senate Majority Leader Schumer and key Senate Democrats such as Senators Carper, Coons, Reed, and Whitehouse are hearing from people in their states and across the country that the filibuster cannot remain as a weapon that Senator Mitch McConnell and a minority of Republicans can use to block legislation protecting voting rights and our democracy in the face of clear attacks.

"The United States has been tested before and the choice for senators today is clear: It’s either protecting Americans’ voting rights and strengthening our democracy or preserving the Jim Crow filibuster.”

The ad script is below:

“Our democracy has been tested before. But we’ve always come back stronger.

Nothing is more sacred than our right to vote. And the freedom to choose our own leaders at the ballot box.

So with an unprecedented assault on the legitimacy of our elections, we need the Senate to secure our democracy in this century. Not defend the abused filibuster of the past.

Brave Americans have always done their job to step up for democracy. Now it’s time for Senators to do theirs”