Press release

Fix Our Senate on Debt Limit State of Play: Clear Demonstration that Filibuster is Being Abused and Must Be Eliminated

Fix Our Senate

Today, Fix Our Senate released the following statement from spokesman Eli Zupnick on Sen. McConnell’s debt limit offer and the path forward.

“It’s certainly good news that Sen. McConnell backed down and may deign to allow Senate Democrats to pass legislation postponing a completely unnecessary economic calamity. But this latest chapter in Sen. McConnell’s high-stakes hostage-taking drama is another clear demonstration that the filibuster is being abused and desperately needs reform.

“We were glad to see Senate Democrats engage in a serious conversation about changing the Senate rules if that’s what it would take to prevent an economic calamity. No matter how this plays out over the coming days, that conversation must continue and be brought to a conclusion. Whether it happens now or in December, Senate Democrats have made it clear that reconciliation is off the table, so the only two options are for Sen. McConnell to cave completely or for Senate Democrats to finally address the outdated and abused Senate filibuster.”