Press release

Fix Our Senate Previews Historic Week in U.S. Senate

Fix Our Senate

The following is a statement from Eli Zupnick, spokesperson for Fix Our Senate, previewing a consequential week in the U.S. Senate:

“As Democrats head into long-awaited debate on voting rights legislation this week, everyone should understand what’s at stake and what the choice facing Senators truly is.

Millions of Americans have made their voices heard on the urgent need to protect our democracy, capped by powerful marches this weekend led by the family of Martin Luther King Jr. As President Biden recently said, ‘History is going to judge it. It’s that consequential.’

Now, Senator Sinema, Senator Manchin, and every other Senator - Republicans included - will have to make their choice: protect voting rights and our democracy in the face of demonstrated threats or side with the outdated and abused filibuster.

One thing is clear: the filibuster is on its last legs. Will it be reformed now, while there’s still time to take steps to protect our rights and our democracy? Or later – when it may be too late?”