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Fix Our Senate Responds to President Biden’s Speech: Inspiring Words Must Be Followed By Reform and Results

Fix Our Senate

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, in a powerful speech in Georgia, President Biden called for the Senate to reform the filibuster in order to pass voting rights. Also today, Senate Majority Leader Schumer announced that “as soon as tomorrow,” the Senate will “take whatever steps necessary to address this chamber's rules” in their latest push to pass voting rights legislation in the face of Republicans’ escalating obstruction

The following is a statement from Eli Zupnick, spokesperson for Fix Our Senate:

“President Biden gave a strong and inspiring speech on the urgent need to protect our democracy and reform the broken Senate rules –and now we need these words to be followed by action and results.

Senate Democrats are finally going to have to make the choice that they’ve been confronted with all year: protecting voting rights and our democracy or protecting the outdated and abused filibuster.

Every Senate Democrat supports strong voting rights and democracy-protecting legislation. And every Senate Democrat recognizes the Senate is broken. As Senator Manchin said today, ‘I'm not for breaking the filibuster, but I am for making the place work better by changing the rules.’

The debate is coming to a head and, as President Biden said before today’s speech, ‘History is going to judge it. It’s that consequential.’”