Press release

Huge Step Forward for Voting Rights; Filibuster All That Stands in the Way

Fix Our Senate

Yesterday: “President Biden ‘Preparing Lobbying Blitz on Filibuster Reform, Voting Rights’”

Earlier this month: “118 Organizations Call on Senate Democrats to Finally Address Filibuster, Pass Strong Voting Rights and Democracy Legislation”

Flashback: Sen. McConnell called defeating voting rights legislation his “top priority”

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, Fix Our Senate released the following statement on the news that Senate Democrats are introducing new compromise legislation to protect voting rights, ban partisan gerrymandering, and take additional steps to protect our democracy.

“Getting all 50 Democrats on board with strong voting rights and democracy-protecting legislation is a huge step forward—but it can’t be the final step. President Biden and Senate Democrats must now move quickly to address the filibuster and prevent Sen. McConnell from abusing Senate rules to prevent this bill from getting a fair up-or-down vote.

“People across the country are looking to President Biden and Senate Democrats to get this bill through the Senate and protect our democracy, not the outdated and abused Senate filibuster.

“We appreciate the hard work of Leader Schumer, Senator Klobuchar, Senator Merkley, Senator Manchin, Senator Warnock, Senator Kaine, Senator Padilla, Senator King, and the many others who are committed to getting this bill signed into law.”