Press release

McConnell Cave Makes Filibuster Elimination More Likely Than Ever

Fix Our Senate

Today, Fix Our Senate released the following statement after Minority Leader McConnell finally accepted defeat after failing in his brazen attempt to lock in his filibuster veto in what is typically a routine Senate organizing resolution. Democrats stood together and roundly rejected his demand, and last night he backed down and accepted an organizing resolution free of any extraneous riders or commitments. 

“Make no mistake: Sen. McConnell’s failed attempt to seize power from the minority has made filibuster elimination more likely than ever before. In his attempt to divide Democrats and kill the Biden legislative agenda before it even got started, Sen. McConnell managed to unify Democrats in opposition to his brazen gambit and highlight just how willing he is to obstruct anything and everything,” said Eli Zupnick, spokesman for Fix Our Senate.

“Sen. McConnell tried to lock in his ability to control the Senate from the minority on a routine process issue he thought he could win on, but especially now that Democrats stood together to reject him, patience is going to be a lot thinner when he uses the filibuster to block COVID relief, the Voting Rights Act, a minimum wage increase, or the many other reforms people across the country the country are demanding and expecting.

“We commend Leader Schumer for his strong leadership in pulling Democrats together to reject Sen. McConnell’s egregious demands and for his renewed commitment to ‘getting big, bold things done for the American people.’”