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McConnell “Scorched Earth” Threat Show He’s “Getting Desperate” As Momentum Builds to End Filibuster

Fix Our Senate

FLASHBACK: McConnell in 2017: ‘Winners Make Policy, Losers Go Home’

Washington, DC — Today, in response to Sen. McConnell’s floor speech vowing a “scorched earth” Senate should Democrats move to eliminate the filibuster, Fix Our Senate spokesman Eli Zupnick released the following statement:

 "Sen. McConnell is clearly getting desperate as momentum grows to eliminate the filibuster as a weapon he can use to maintain power from the minority and prevent Democrats from delivering on their promises. Sen. McConnell eliminated the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees when he was in power and has already made it clear that he and his caucus plan to use every tool at their disposal to delay and obstruct the majority's popular agenda, so Senate Democrats should ignore these latest hypocritical threats and continue their work delivering results in the face of unanimous Republican opposition."