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Time for Powerful Words to Be Turned into Equally Powerful Actions to Address Filibuster

Fix Our Senate

Fix Our Senate comments in advance of President Biden’s speech

WASHINGTON, DC — On Tuesday, President Biden will deliver a voting rights speech in Georgia that is expected to call for Senate Democrats to reform the filibuster.

The following is a statement from Eli Zupnick, spokesperson for Fix Our Senate:

“We expect President Biden to continue his recent full-throated advocacy for Americans' voting rights and our democracy and to reiterate why it's unacceptable to let Republican filibusters stand in the way of progress.

We commend him for focusing the nation's eyes on what's at stake as the filibuster debate comes to a head and for joining other former skeptics of filibuster reform who have become forceful advocates for change. This is a sea change from not long ago and an important testament to the continued pressure of millions of Americans and Republicans’ continued and escalating abuse of Senate rules.

Now, it’s time for powerful words to be turned into equally powerful actions to finally address the filibuster and deliver on voting rights and democracy.

Every Senate Democrat supports federal voting and democracy-protecting legislation and the entire Democratic caucus will now need to go on the record to either protect Americans' voting rights and our democracy or uphold the broken and abused filibuster.

It's time to get this done and deliver for our democracy."